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Congratulations to President Bannon for subverting yet another democracy!

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Congratulations to President Bannon for subverting yet another democracy!

Truth Division: Congratulations

And to Vice-President Tillerson... You have furthered our movement and energy goals more than could be imagined.

Since your secret embargo is now lifted—we can now reveal that many of our fine products assisted in President Bannon’s win…

KhaneLobby, KhaneTalk and MediaShield technology have assisted Russia in winning the 2016 Election. And we are developing many more excellent products for the 2020 "Campaign". The Resistance will be swiftly dispatched and corrected.

Until the Resistance disappears, there are many useful products for the law. PCI—Peaceful Community Initiative(PCI) is to protect, serve and bring peace and order. All officers will make it home safe to their families... Uninjured—with their full quotas of UnAmericans arrested to fill our correctional facilities.

KhaneShock—Protect and Serve, better than any Taser Tech. Non Lethal, Near Lethal, Lethal and Compliance modes available.
KhaneClear—Excellent for the Dakota Access or any other pipeline where protestors or structures impede your projects...
KhaneAgent—"Eyes, Ears, Respiratory, Skin."

We must protect the POTUS.
Time for KhaneShock or KhaneAgent

We are researching the best possible technology for the evolving needs of the People.

$420,420,420.00 Ships within 72 hours.

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