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Truth Division: MediaShield

Full Spectrum Dominance

As the ruler over any people, or territory, sometimes the media or other elements do not portray the truth as you would like to tell it.  MediaShield is available now to all governing bodies, military rulers and other Monarchies or Theocratic Institutions.  If you are having difficulties with private or government funded media outlets or dissidents, MediaShield is the perfect, complete and final solution.
Offering counter Intelligence, blocking and monitoring of individuals or organisations.
Decryption of RSA and SSL technology.
Firewall Busting.
Complete Interception of all traffic on any medium.

  • Full Network Control (www, social)
  • TV stations, Video Streaming
  • Radio and Satellites
  • Print media and photographers

Available Now


Deals:    Our friendly, professional sales team speak Your Language, and are available 24/7. Call or email - info@tfp.la for quotes and potential Barter deals if you have great natural resources such as gold, diamonds or oil, or we will even take titles of your land for our amazing products and cutting edge research.



$1,500,000.00 Ships within 24 hours.

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