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Truth Division: KT001

Compose, Perform, Succeed.
Auto-Tune helped those who couldn't stick to the melody, KhaneTune is the next level.  KhaneTune generates the entire Song, from the creation of melody and beat, completely ready to publish.
Choose which genre you need for your project, and listen to samples to generate an album, or single song, soundtrack for Television, Movies or even official government media releases.
Compatible with KhaneWriter to produce musicals, or to add subtle cues to a speech it has prepared.
Import a competitors track and use KhaneTune to produce a non copyright violating homage which sounds, and sells better than their original!

  • RealTime Live Performance Capable
  • Creates Melody, locks instruments to it
  • Percussion, Vocals, Any Waveform
  • Output straight to MediaShield, mp3, FLAC
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