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Truth Division: KLOB

Unite the powers.
When interacting with nations, sometimes your projects and goals are obstructed.  KhaneLobby removes all opposition, through various methods of influence.

When the will of the people and the governing body are not united, many issues arise.  From simple letter campaigns to full blown riots, negative publicity is less than ideal for all involved.

Instant approvals for any initiative, and silence or mute dissenters, protestors, unions, community groups or disagreeable jurors.

Scalable AstroTurfing - flood comment and opinion pages of newspapers, blogs and any media with support for your project.

  • Local Council, Judges, Senators, Leaders
  • Defence Forces, Law Enforcement
  • Competitors and Partners
  • Journalists and bloggers, popular social media identities

Available Now
Deals:    Our friendly, professional sales team speak Your Language, and are available 24/7. Call or email - info@tfp.la for quotes and potential Barter deals if you have great natural resources such as gold, diamonds or oil, or we will even take titles of your land for our amazing products and cutting edge research.

$30,000,000.00 Ships within 24 hours.

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